Nano-Tex Expands Technology Internationally

GREENSBORO, N.C., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Nano-Tex, LLC has expanded theapplication of its technology internationally with the licensing of MartelliLavorazioni Tessili S.p.A, one of the world’s largest laundry and garmentfinishers, and Dominican Knits, a leading producer of knit fabrics andgarments. The company has also entered into its first agreements with agentsto promote licensing arrangements in the European and Japanese markets. Marking the first application of Nano-Tex’s patented technology to sewngarments rather than fabric, Martelli, based in Italy, will utilize the NANO-PEL(TM) technology for use on cotton and cotton blend apparel treated andfinished in Europe for distribution to branded customers worldwide. Denimapparel will be the first product enhanced with the NANO-PEL technology withplans for other products in the future. Dominican Knits, based in the Dominican Republic and part of the Grupo Mcompanies, will utilize the NANO-PEL technology in the first ever applicationto knits, further highlighting the technology’s flexibility to enhance avariety of fabrics. Initial applications will be to 100% cotton circular knitshirting fabrics. The use of NANO-PEL technology adds superior repellency to fabrics thatallow water and oil spills to easily bead and roll off of fabric withoutpenetrating the fibers. The advanced performance is durable through multiplehome laundries and does not alter the fabric’s original hand as experienced bymany traditional coatings. In a further expansion of its international presence, Nano-Tex hasappointed Peter Rohr of Adhoc Consultants AG as agent on an exclusive basis tocoordinate the licensing and use of Nano-Tex’s proprietary technology for usein cotton products produced in Europe and distributed worldwide. International Textile Management Consulting will likewise coordinate on anexclusive basis the licensing and use of a broad range of Nano-Tex’stechnology in Japan with Hiro Okamoto, President, serving as primary agent. “The international expansion of this technology is extremely exciting,”said George Henderson, CEO. “The performance potential of our technology hasbroad market and worldwide appeal and we are pleased to work with theseinternational partners to expand the scope and use of this technology. “The ability to apply our technology in both fabric and garment-form andto both woven and knit fabrics opens additional possibilities for theenhancement of numerous products. Our research and development continues toprogress well with a pipeline of new innovations currently in development.The ability to alter fabrics at the molecular level to enhance performanceopens limitless opportunities.” Gruppo Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili, with over 30 years in business, isone of Europe’s leading denim garment finishing companies operating facilitiesin Bologna, Treviso, Modena and San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy as well asin Buzan, Romania. Grupo M, established in 1986, specializes in the production of textileproducts with full vertical integration including fabric manufacturing,pattern design services, cutting, sewing, finishing, printing and embroidery,labels and plastic bags. Nano-Tex, LLC ( is an advanced materials company usingproprietary technology to create, change and improve textiles at the molecularlevel. Intelligent fabrics. Better living.(TM) Other Nano-Tex advanced-technology products include those identified by the NANO-CARE(TM) brand, whichenhances cotton fabrics with water and oil repellent and wrinkle resistantproperties and those identified by the NANO-DRY(TM) brand, which enhancessynthetic fabrics with advanced moisture control properties that providequicker drying and better comfort. This press release contains statements that are forward-looking statementswithin the meaning of applicable federal securities laws and are based uponcurrent expectations and assumptions of or relating to Burlington Industries,Inc. (NYSE: BUR) (hereinafter, the “company”), which owns 51% of the equityinterests of Nano-Tex, LLC. The statements herein are subject to a number ofrisks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materiallyfrom those anticipated. Such risks and uncertainties include, among otherthings, global economic activity and the implications thereon of the attack onSeptember 11 and the U.S. government’s response thereto, the success of thecompany’s overall business strategy, the company’s relationships with itsprincipal customers and suppliers, the success of the company’s expansion inother countries, the demand for textile products, the cost and availability ofraw materials and labor, the company’s ability to finance its capitalexpansion and modernization programs, the level of the company’s indebtednessand ability to borrow and refinance, the exposure to interest ratefluctuations, governmental legislation and regulatory changes, and the long-term implications of regional trade blocs and the effect of quota phase-outand lowering of tariffs under the WTO trade regime.SOURCE Nano-Tex, LLCCopyright 2001 PR Newswire