Crystal Textile Group Launches Line Of Spacer Fabrics

NEW YORK, July 16 /PRNewswire/ — The Crystal Textile Group (formerly ‘TheTricot Man’) has launched
a new line of spacer fabrics under the Spacer-Lite name for a wide variety of apparel, medical,
industrial and technical end-uses. Spacer fabrics are made up of two outer textile substrates,
which are joined together and kept apart by an insert of spacer yams. This design creates a
ventilated layer of air, allowing heat and moisture to escape. The basic substrates, while limited,
can be developed in various novelties. “Spacer-Lite is far softer than laminated fabrics used for
the same purposes and retains its qualities after repeated launderings,” said Richard Crystal, CEO
of the vertically integrated, New York-based knit and fabric company. “By virtue of such qualities,
this extremely versatile fabric is perfectly suited for such end uses as lingerie, bras, swimwear
and active wear.” Spacer-Lite also offers anti-microbial, anti-mildew, anti-static, flame
retardant, absorptive, water repellent and abrasion resistance properties– making it ideal for an
array of medical, industrial and technical applications. “As a completely vertical organization, we
have the ability to offer Spacer-Lite fabrics in a host of finishes and yarn combinations,” Mr.
Crystal added. For further information about the new Spacer-Lite fabrics, contact Richard Crystal,
Crystal Textile Group, 1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018, or(212) 575-5585. About Crystal Textile
Group Located in the heart of the fashion textile industry in New York City,Crystal Textile Group
is a leader among only a handful of vertically integrated knit and fabric companies. The
family-owned business was founded in 1973. Today, Crystal and its associated, family-owned North
Carolina-based companies — Warp Knit Mills and Crystal Dyeing and Finishing — service abroad
range of fashion and high-tech fabrics trades and provide full research and development
capabilities. The companies offer complete product development services for a full line of warp
knits of every description,supplying many brand name companies in the apparel and activewear
fabrictrades. Outside those traditional areas, the companies develop fabrics for medical, high-tech
and other highly specialized industrial applications.SOURCE Crystal Textile GroupWeb Site:
http://www.CrystalTextiles.comCopyright 2001 PR Newswire