Fire Devastates Jimtex Yarn Plant

Fire Devastates Jimtex Yarn PlantOn March 26, 2001, a massive fire resulted in approximately $10
million in damages at the Woodruff, S.C., plant of Philadelphia-based Jimtex Yarn, an affiliate of
Martex Fiber Southern Corp., Spartanburg, S.C. The fire started in an area not leased by Jimtex,
but spread quickly and destroyed almost all of the equipment, inventory and finished stock owned by
Jimtex.Jimtex is working on acquiring a new location in the greater Spartanburg area. Officials
expect the company to be operational with expanded capacity by November of this year. Ideally, we
would like our own facility, where we can have the highest level of control of the safety of our
employees and equipment, said Jimmy Jarrett, general manager, Jimtex. The new plant will need to be
substantially larger to accommodate growing demand for the yarn. We want to do the right thing, and
that means moving as quickly and thoughtfully as we can, Jarrett said, summing up the companys
momentum.Jimtex manufactures recycled yarn made predominantly from pre-dyed cotton blended with
acrylic or polyester fiber.
June 2001