Return To Fashion

Hosiery Show Preview ATI Special Report FAST 2001: Return To Fashion
The latest technology, fashion and design will be cornerstones of the Verona hosiery fair.
 Following several seasons of banishment in favor of the nude-legs look and bare feet,
hosiery, with its allure and seduction, is being rediscovered by designers. The past 18 months have
seen the launching of designs with all the creative genius and provocative flair of past years.

From Milan to Paris, the latest fashion shows have proven to be showcases for the latest in
hosiery: fishnet looks, printed and hand-painted styles, perforated styles, embroidered hosiery,
leopard-spotted designs, rhinestone-studded, sequined and beaded products all are prevalent in
todays market.The crisis of the past few years in womens hosiery seems finally to be over,
according to show organizers. The newest contributions to fashion have transformed hosiery from a
mere accessory to a fundamental component of feminine elegance. As well, mens hosiery continues a
positive trend. In the first nine months of 2000, hosiery production in Italy, for example,
increased by 7 percent. Italian exports in the first half of the year increased by more than 10
percent. Exhibition Space Sold Out This rededication to hosiery design and production has
created a great deal of enthusiasm for the upcoming FAST 2001 show, the third edition of the
European hosiery fair. FAST 2001 will held in Verona, Italy, March 21-24, and will feature more
than 160 registered exhibitors from countries throughout the world.Exhibition space in the show has
been sold out since October. Of the exhibitors, 94 are from Italy and 70 from other countries. The
largest group of exhibitors, other than Italians, comes from Germany, which will have 11 companies
represented. France follows with six exhibitors; and Switzerland and Japan have, respectively, four
and three each. Other countries represented include the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain,
Turkey, the Czech Republic, Russia, Japan and Mexico. There will also be 18 Italian and foreign
magazines and newspapers attending the event.Fast 2001 is promoted and organized by Sistema Moda
Italia (the Italian Association of Textile and Clothing Manufacturers). Latest Machinery,
Services And Yarns On Display The show promises to display much of the latest in technology,
accessories and services related to the manufacture of hosiery. Everything pertaining to
manufacturing and distribution cycles, from the most advanced and sophisticated machinery to the
most innovative fibers and yarns, will be on display.Among the machinery to be displayed are:
preparatory machines; yarn and hosiery accessories; circular hosiery knitting machines; linking,
sewing, assembly and packaging machines; special treatment and finishing machines; packing machines
and accessories for packaging; machine accessories; control and computer systems; and services.In
addition to providing a comprehensive overview on a manufacturing and technological level, FAST
2001 will provide show attendees with information, strategies, and financial and public relations
services. The Meeting PointNew for this edition of FAST 2001 will be The Meeting Point, which
was designed and created specifically for hosiery manufacturers. In the Meeting Point,
representatives from companies can meet, compare production, discuss agreements and partnerships,
and establish industrial and commercial synergies.  

The Meeting Point will also host Trends and Hosiery and cultural exhibits. The Trends and
Hosiery display features six themes describing the fashion trends of the new millennium: Feminine
Touch hosiery and its eternal message of seduction; Geometric bold, graphic patterns of the latest
fashion trends; Over The Rainbow the imperative return of color; Relax playful and provocative
patterned hosiery for leisure time; Its Play Time hosiery for sports; Stocking and Dressing inside
and out, the new frontiers of seamless hosiery.FAST 2001 will also focus on the culture of hosiery
and its presence in art and design. An art exhibit will present works by contemporary Italian
artists from the collection of the Luigi Ciocca hosiery factory.More than 14,000 visitors from more
than 82 countries are expected to attend the show. Of those visitors, approximately 55 percent are
expected to come from Italy. Pre-Show Conference An international conference attended by
professionals, designers and experts from several countries will be held on March 20. The
conference will commence with a review of current marketing trends. It will then cover consumer
trends in Italy and throughout the world and will discuss forecasts for upcoming years.In addition,
the conference will touch upon the latest seamless fashions, which are produced on machinery
designed for hosiery production. The conference will also address the fact that hosiery is no
longer just an accessory but an integral element of fashion. The designers and stylists responsible
for this evolution in hosiery use will be present to discuss their work.The pre-show conference
will address e-commerce, as well. This discussion will focus on the prospects for hosiery producers
in business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales. Companies that work along these lines will
be in attendance to share their experiences. FAST 2001 Exhibitors 
Agostoni s.a.s. di Paola e Giorgio AgostoniandCo.Agula S.A. Airily S.r.l.Alkotex S.r.l. Almatex
S.r.l.Aquafil Textile Yarns S.p.A. Arctronic S.r.l.Asahi Chemical Industry Co.Atateks-Istanbul
Atlas Copco Italia S.p.A. Divisione CompressoriAutotex Machinery Ltd. Bayer S.p.A. Bemberg S.p.A.
Borgolon S.p.A.B.T.S.R.Busi Giovanni S.r.l.Calzaccessori di Saleri GianfaustoCantu Egizio
S.a.s.Cason S.p.A.Celbo S.r.l.Centro Promozione FiloscoziaCentro Servizi Calza S.r.l.Cesare Colosio
S.r.l.Cetme di Cristina AttilioandCo. S.n.c. CF Italia S.r.l.Charme ModaChristoph Liebers
GmbHandCo. Condortech S.r.l. Aghi Platine e Tecnologia Tessile Conti Complett S.p.A.Continental
Fibre S.p.A.Cortese S.p.A.CoyarnCubotex S.r.l.Da Kong Enterprise Co. Ltd. Deimo S.p.A.Dinema
S.p.A.Dora EnricoandCo. S.n.c.DuPont de Nemours Italiana S.p.A.DuPont Tactel®Dynalace Textil
GmbHECAElettronica Valverde S.r.l.Eneas Informatica S.r.l.Eredi Ing. G. Fiore S.r.l.E.R.M.E.S.T.
Esox S.A.Exeltor Canada S.r.l. Fadis S.p.A.Fein-Elast Italia S.p.A.Fibrexa Ltd.Filati Borio Fiore
S.n.c.Filats Polinya S.L. Filbrescia S.r.l.Filelmo S.r.l. Filiere Maille

Filippini S.r.l.Filix S.A. Fillattice S.p.A.Filmar S.p.A.Fimatex S.r.l.Finelast de Mexico S.A.
de C.V. Firsan S.A. Flainox S.r.l.Franzoni Filati S.p.A.Fulgar S.p.A.Gabler Band AGGafitex
S.r.l.Giemme Filati S.p.A.Giletti S.p.A.Giornale della Maglieria e dellaCalzetteriaGiudici
DavideandFigli S.n.c.Globe Manufacturing Co. Grandis S.r.l.Groz-Beckert KGHaase + Kuhn Italia
S.r.l.Hamel AG Heliot International S.A.Hepp GmbH Strick-TechnikIluna S.p.A. International Textil
Diffusion Ltd. S.r.l.Investa International Co. Ltd. Irmac Tex S.r.l.Istanbul Corap San ASItalfil
S.p.A.Joint-Stock Co.Jorg Lederer GmbH Elastic-GarneJose Valeri Homs S.A. Kern-Liebers Knitting
Parts GmbHKnitting IntemationalKunert GmbH TWD GroupL. Payen et CieLa Esakon S.r.l.La SpolaLavatec
AG Legnano Tinti S.p.A.LegPromBusiness-Director Linea Intima ItaliaLogica S.r.l.Lonati S.p.A.M.S.
Costruzioni Meccaniche di Zecchi FlorianoandC.Madifil S.r.l. Maschen Industrie/Knitting
TechnologyMatec S.p.A.Memminger-Iro GmbHMendizza S.a.s.Menegatto S.r.l.Metalurgica Textil de
PrecisionMitchell Grieve Ltd.Moda e Industria Via MercatoModamarketing Monticolor S.r.l.

Mucchetti F.lli Elettrotermica S.r.l. Nagata Seiki Co. Ltd.Nilit Ltd.Noble Fiber
TechnologiesNuova Marc Tex S.p.A.Nuova Remital S.r.l.Nylstar CD S.p.A.Officine Meccaniche Riva
S.r.l.Orsi Macchine Tessili S.p.A.Pizzo Etichette S.r.l.PlusProllandLohmann Maschinen und Anlagen
GmbHPuntoandSeguidoR.M.B. Massardi S.n.c.Regal Manufacturing Co.RF Systems S.r.l.Richter
KammgamRifil S.p.A.Rimoldi Necchi S.r.l.Rosso Industrie S.p.A.Rubyco Inc.Rumi S.p.A.Sachsische
Nadel und PlatinenfabrikenSalzmann StretchSaurer-Allma GmbHScaglia S.p.A.Selezione Tessile
ShopperSimet S.r.l.Sina Giulio Agente Rappresentanze Filati IndustriaSiscodataSMC Italia
S.p.A.Soritex S.a.s.Speizman IndustriesSRA S.r.l.Stalam S.p.A.Stiltex S.n.c.Sutermeister
S.n.c.Tecma Engineering S.A.Tecnica del PuntoTecnofil Filati Elastici S.r.l.Tecnoyarn
S.r.l.TekstilandTeknik T&TA Tessile e TecnologieTextile Month Textiles Panamericanos The
Hosiery Association /IHETiflotel S.r.l.Tinarelli S.r.l.Trustfin A.S.Turini Francesco S.r.l.Valman
S.p.A.Wac Data Service Co. Ltd.Worldtex Inc.W. Zimmermann GmbHandCo.Zitec AG
additional information on FAST 2001, or to register on-line, visit the FAST website at

March 2001