ITMA Switches To Eight-Day Format Circular Knitters To Participate In 2003

ITMA Switches To Eight-Day Format;Circular Knitters To Participate In 2003Organizers of the 14th
International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) have announced that the show will run from
October 22 to October 29, 2003, at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, England. These
dates represent a change from the traditional 10-day show to an eight-day format. The decision to
shorten the length of the show applies to all future ITMAs.Maria Avery, exhibition director of the
ITMA03 organizing committee, stated, Overwhelmingly, feedback has confirmed that a 10-day show is
too long. We have acted accordingly and reduced ITMA03 to eight days, ensuring that the popular and
busy weekend is still embraced. The reduced period also means reduced expenditure for both
exhibitors and visitors.In other ITMA03 news, leading circular knitting machinery manufacturers
have confirmed that they will take part in the show in Birmingham, instead of attending another
show to be held at the same time in Italy. Avery said, Representatives of several leading knitting
machinery manufacturers have visited the NEC recently, and have been impressed both with the
facilities and the cost-effectiveness of the overall package we can offer we are delighted to
welcome circular knitting machine producers as an important exhibit group.
March 2001