Vamatex And Somet Merge

The Radici Group weaving machine manufacturing companies of Vamatex of America and Somet of America
have announced their operational merger in the North American Market. These two companies with U.S.
weaving machines installed surpassing over 3500 is also being merged with American Savio Corp. who
is also located in Spartanburg, S.C. These three market leaders now operating as one company will
further insure future financial stability.Mr. Nikolaos Perackis has already been named one of the
two commercial directors over the newly formed company. Promatech is responsible for both Vamatex
S.p.A. and Somet Weave Tech in the Americas. Mr. Perackis resides in Italy. Further details of the
merger will follow soon.Vamatex and their employees have physically relocated to the offices of
Somet of America and American Savio located at 100 Martin Road, Spartanburg, S.C.