Evergreen Nylon Recycling Named Recycler Of The Year

 Augusta, Ga.-based Evergreen Nylon Recycling, a joint venture of Honeywell International and
DSM Chemicals North America Inc., has been named Recycler of the Year by the Plastics Recycling
Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers. The Evergreen system allows Honeywell to produce its
Infinity Forever Renewable Nylon, which is both recycled and renewable in a true closed-loop
recycling process. Since this process is a chemical renewal process, the Infinity nylon that
results is indistinguishable from virgin nylon 6 and is acceptable for all nylon applications
(See Evergreen Makes Nylon Live Forever, ATI, October 2000).The judges were very impressed
with Evergreens level of commitment to the collection and recycling of post-consumer nylon from the
waste stream, said John McAuley, chairman of the awards committee and manager of environmental
programs for Basell North America, Wilmington, Del. The sheer volume of the effort, and their
turnkey approach including an extensive effort to reclaim post-consumer carpet, certainly makes
them a worthy recipient of the Recycler of the Year award, he continued.
February 2001