Software Suppliers

Software ShowcaseBy Cosby W. Woodruff, Assistant Editor Software Suppliers Color formulation, Formulation-Master 2001, is an upgrade to Plastic-Master, Paint-Master, Ink-Master and QA-Master 2000 products for color formulation and quality assurances for coating and textiles. Features include on-screen color, networking and multiple math engines. Users can view realistic on-screen color representations, and new networking capabilities give multiple users access to a single set of calibration data and standards. Experiment design, Design-Ease, is an entry-level statistical software package that helps experimenters improve products and processes. Package features intuitive interface, expanded help system, variety of designs, flexibility to modify designs, graphics to simplify interpretations and evaluation capabilities. Design plug-in, SymmetryWorks, is for use with Adobe Illustrator software. Plug-in modules automate creation of symmetry-based designs for illustrations, wallpaper, fabrics, quilting, tilings, Web pages and other images. Plug-in features integrated live patterns and allows users to edit elements of the seed pattern with Illustrator tools. Illustration application, Canvas 8, integrates photo editing, page layout, presentation and Web graphics capabilities. Scripting image allows software to automate functions from downloading files from the Internet to preparing large numbers of files for printing. Software includes image-editing features and filters for textures, vector symbols, hatches and gradients. Available in Windows, Mac OS X and OS 9 versions. Deneba Texture mapping, Vision Easy Map 2.0, gives photo-realistic renderings of designs, colors, surfaces, textures and patterns. Used in Windows platform, software offers upgraded fabric and color editing and higher speeds. Presentation enables viewer to drag and drop color or fabrics onto products without any previous texture mapping experience. Image analysis, AxioVision Autofocus, provides documentation of microscopic examinations for material analysis and quality inspection. Software optimizes user microscopes and digital camera settings to take sharp and clear images. Software operates with reflected, transmitted and indirect light. 2001