National Textile Center Receives 9 75 Million Federal Grant

WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ — The National Textile Center will receive $9.75 million
from the Department of Commerce. The United States Congress recently appropriated these funds to
support university research in textiles, apparel, fibers and retailing. This is the tenth
consecutive grant to the National Textile Center to continue its mission of enhancing the knowledge
base of the US textile and related industries. The National Textile Center has over 50 active
research projects and is currently developing new projects for the increased level of funding. The
new projects will start May 1, 2001. Current projects are underway at over 20universities across
the USA and around the world. All projects not only address important industry problems, but also
provide the research topics graduate students. The new grant funds will seek to expand the research
basis to a larger number of universities. The Congress has invested over $82 million in the
far-reaching and important effort. The results have been impressive, with over $170 million in new
business and $80 million in new centers of academic. To date over 700graduate students have been
involved in the research, resulting in 134 these and numerous patents. The full research program
will be presented to the industry at the upcoming NTC Forum. The forum will be held in Myrtle
Beach, SC, February11 – 13, 2001. Complete information is available on the web
at: The National Textile Center is a university research consortium owned
and managed by six universities: Auburn University, Clemson University, Georgia Institute of
Technology, North Carolina State University, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Philadelphia
University. The institutions sharehuman resources, equipment and facilities. Serving the
USAFiber/Textile/Fabricated Products/Retail Complex, the NTC vision, mission andgoals are realized
through innovate research and links to other institutions. SOURCE The National Textile CenterWeb
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