Letters Concerning Sept 11

LETTERS CONCERNING SEPT. 11(The following letter was sent by the National Textile Alliance to President Bush.)The PresidentThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington D.C. 20500Dear Mr. President:As our government and people respond to the barbaric events of September 11th, the members of the American Textile Alliance want to pledge our support for your efforts to fight back against those who have attacked our great nation.We represent various sectors of the United States textile industry, including suppliers in the cotton, wool, man-made fiber and textile machinery industries. The entire textile industry complex provides the U.S. military with approximately 13,000 different items made either partially or entirely from textiles.As we are key suppliers to the Armed Forces, we want you to know that we stand ready to do our part in the war on terrorism. We have already contacted procurement officials at the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia to make them aware of our readiness to help, as we did when they were confronted with the unique supply challenges of the Persian Gulf War.Mr. President, as you know, for the past several years, our members have been experincing tough economic times. They have had to deal with the pain of massive layoffs, plant closings and bankruptcies. But these economic hardships will not deter uswe will help shoulder the burden of meeting and defeating the threat terrorism poses to our American way of life.Sincerely.Alabama Textile Mfrs. Assn.American Cotton Shippers Assn.American Fiber Mfrs. Assn.American Sheep Industry Assn.American Textile Machinery Assn.American Textile Mfrs. InstituteGTMAAssociation of Georgias Textile, Carpet and Consumer Products Mfrs.Knitted Textile Assn.National Cotton CouncilNorth Carolina Mfrs. Assn.Norther Textile Assn.South Carolina Mfrs. AllianceTextile Distributors Assn., Inc.(Textile World also received the following letters regarding the Sept. 11 attacks)DEAR FRIENDSIN AMERICAThe information about the disastrous attacks on the United States shocked everybody here at Dornier immensely.We join you in your mourning for all the lives lost and deplore the horrible damages these brutal acts of terrorism have done to your country and the whole civilized world.May we assure you of our steadfast partnership with you, our dear friends and customers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.One of the most important cornerstones in the history of our company was the good and reliable business conducted with our friends in America. We have every intention to carry on this close relationship into the years to come, despite of the adverse conditions that exist at present.If you can think of any way we could be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call on us.Peter D. DornierHans GeigerLindauer DORNIER GmbH(The following letter is from Mexicos apparelmanufacturers association.)Dear AmericanPartner:Receive our greatest condolences for the unspeakable acts that have occurred in the last days. This association and its members are truly worried for your situation and the safety to your families. Please remember that you will have as always, all the support you need from Mexico. Think of us not only as a business partner, but as your friends, we will stand at your side in these and other situations.We send you our best wishes and thoughts, knowing the strong character and great determination of the American people.Sincerely,The Board and Membersof Camara Nacional de la Industria del VestidoOctober 2001