Celanese Acetate And Sapona Develop Celanna Yarns

Sapona Manufacturing Co., Cedar Falls, N.C., and Celanese Acetate, New York City, have announced
the joint creation of new Celanna brand yarns that will be available globally. Celanna is an
air-entangled combination of cellulose acetate with various other fibers, resulting in a yarn with
enhanced physical properties. Garments made from Celanna blends offer comfort and performance; feel
smooth against the skin; and have a flattering drape and a soft, fluid hand, according to Sapona.
Initially, the companies will offer fabric blends of Celanese acetate and nylon fibers. Easy-care
Celanna blends open new markets for acetate, such as seamless bodywear, because they are washable
in some constructions. Other end-use markets for Celanna knits and wovens include tailored mens and
womens sportswear, dresses, sweater knits and upholstery.”Under agreement with Celanese Acetate,
Sapona will be the sole source for several acetate blends under the Celanna trademark. Sapona has
put forth extensive development effort and capital expenditure to produce new Celanna quality
yarns,” said Dean Lail, president, Sapona. “Together they are developing yarns, fabrics and
processes that will help speed up the introduction of a broad range of new knit and woven apparel

October 2000