Textile Activity On The Upswing In Europe

Fueled by a 16.9-percent rise in
Europe, worldwide yarn production increased during the fourth quarter 1999 by 4.2 percent compared
to the previous quarter. Asia experienced a 3.4-percent increase, while U.S. production slipped 1.8

Global fabric output was 3.5 percent higher due to a 12.8-percent upswing in Europe, while
weaving activity in Asia and the United States declined by -0.7 percent and -0.4 percent,

On a quarterly basis, yarn inventories grew by 2.8 percent worldwide. During the preceding
12 months, a 6.2- percent reduction in European stocks was more than offset by a 7.5-percent
buildup in Asia, resulting in a 1.7-percent increase overall.

Fabric inventories continued to decline for the fourth consecutive quarter, with a drop in
Europe of 2.0 percent and in Asia of 0.8 percent, for an overall decline of 0.9 percent. Compared
to the corresponding period in 1998, global fabric inventories fell by 14.3 percent, with U.S.
production falling by 29.4 percent and European by 14.6 percent. Asian inventories increased by 1.0

The European index for outstanding yarn orders improved 8.5 percent during 1999.

On a quarterly basis, outstanding fabric orders fell by 1.0 percent in Europe and 3.4
percent in the United States. Compared to the corresponding period in 1998, order levels were up
4.9 percent in Europe, but declined in the United States 14.8 percent.

July 2000