Schlafhorst And Zinser Present New Products Showroom

In recognition of the importance of the North American textile market, Schlafhorst Inc. (SI)
recently held an open house to promote the use of a new working showroom, located in Charlotte,
N.C., for its present and potential customers. This facility is equipped with the latest technical
and technological innovations that Schlafhorst and Zinser, both members of the Swiss Saurer Textile
Group, have to offer. It is available to customers every working day of the year and allows the use
of the equipment in a hands-on working environment to meet all customer needs. The showroom
features the latest machine generations of Schlafhorst and Zinser. For example, it displays in full
working order the SE 11 spinbox on the Autocoro for open-end spinning, and the Autoconer 338 V for
automatic winding in a linked execution to the ring-spinning machine.Examples of the Zinser
products are the Model 670 roving frame with the new RO-WE-CLEAN, an integrated bobbin changer and
bobbin stripper for the automated roving bobbin transport systems, linked to a Model 350
ring-spinning machine. These products provide the basis for completing spinning and winding trials
across the wide spectrum of textile applications, as often requested by SI customers.Heinz
Bachmann, presidentandCEO of Saurer Textile Group, promoted “closer to the customers” as a global
goal for Saurer. Aided by representatives and sales branches in all textile centers of the world,
Schlafhorst, Zinser and the other members of the group are dedicated to realizing that goal in the
most effective way. Bachmann emphasized that Saurers Textile Division represents market leadership
in automatic rotor spinning, automatic winding, automated ring spinning, and roving machines. The
recent merger and integration of Barmag into the Saurer Group incorporates another leader, namely a
well-recognized machinery manufacturer into the textile filament sector.As a member of this global
network, Schlafhorst Inc., based in Charlotte, N.C., has the task to provide important information,
sales and service support throughout North America. The company is currently working closely with
its affiliate Schlafhorst de Mexico and the worldwide Saurer organization, with specific focus on
the emerging Mexican market.

June 2000