For Its Contexxor Compact LTC-S Yarn Conditioning System Xorella AG, Wettingen,
Switzerland, tops its success in the industry with the introduction of its award-winning Contexxor
Compact LTC-S yarn conditioning system, a revolutionary cubical design that deviates from any other
design on the market. There were not always such easy times, when one listens to Fredy Wanger,
founder of Xorella. There was a lot of skepticism when Xorella presented its first yarn
conditioning system to the textile industry, and there was negative publicity from individuals who
either did not understand what yarn conditioning can do, or from competitors envious that they had
not thought the principle in the first place.Today, if any weaving or knitting mill wishes to
achieve optimum production efficiency, there is just no way around a well conditioned yarn. Xorella
does not have to prove the principle anymore; its the mills themselves who have seen the positive
differences first-hand on ever faster running textile machinery. Compact LTC-S

The new generation of Compact LTC-S type Yarn Conditioning System Contexxor has been
developed based on the conventional Xorella system that is successfully in operation in several
countries around the world. Xorella is the founder of the cold saturated steam technology by
applying a state-of-the-art treatment processes for high yarn pallet conditioning. Together with
significant energy savings the new ECO-system offers reduced production cost based on lowest
possible energy consumption for waxed and unwaxed yarns, and natural and synthetic yarn
qualities.The Compact LTC-S line provides absolutely new dimensions in yarn conditioning and
heat-setting for very high pallets up to 13 package layers. The main advantages are: optimal
utilization of inside space; smaller outside space requirements shorter processing time; treatment
temperature up to 110 degree Centigrade; and lowest energy consumption ever. Yarn Conditioning
At Its BestThe Contexxor cold saturated steam conditioning system is the backbone for highest
knitting and weaving efficiencies.Xorella emphasizes that a large percent increase in mills is not
a rarity. In knitting this is achieved through reduced yarn unwinding tension, and reduced needle
wear through softer yarn. Contexxor conditioned yarns usually show up to 10-percent higher
strength, up to 30-percent higher elongation, and a 1.5 to 4-percent increase in moisture level.In
any application, much better friction values can be observed from start to finish of the package.
This reflects a more even loop formation during knitting. In weaving the size pick-up can be much
more equal and often no additional humidification is required.Further, electrostatic is practically
eliminated and up to 40-percent less fiber-fly and lint accumulation is the result. An
Industry PacemakerWanger and the Xorella team did it once again, proving that a square yarn
conditioning system will be more efficient than a round one. This is just another example of
Xorella setting the pace for yarn conditioning.

November 1999