JPS Textile Announces Closing Of Angle Plant

JPS Textile Group Inc., Greenville, S.C., announced that it will cease operations at its Angle
Plant in Rocky Mount, Va., by June 25, 1999, and consolidate the operations into the company’s
South Boston, Va., plant.The Angle plant is part of the JPS’s wholly owned subsidiary, JPS
Converted and Industrial Corp., and employs approximately 180 people. It produces unfinished
filament apparel fabrics for use primarily in the women’s fashion wear market.”After an extensive
study of our total apparel business it became clear that we needed to consolidate the operations of
the Angle facility into the more modern and versatile South Boston plant,” said Jerry Hunter, JPS
Textile’s chairman, president and CEO. “This action is necessary to meet our customer requirements
in the highly competitive fashion apparel segment. It will allow us to better capitalize our
existing business and make it stronger and more competitive for the future.”

March 1999