Freudenberg And Milliken Announce Partnership

Freudenberg, Durham, N.C., and Milliken and Co. recently combined resources to revolutionize the
development, production and marketing of weft inserted, woven and knitted interlinings, marketed
under the trade name Vilene®. Vilene is a Freudenberg brand name.

“We discovered our companies had similar histories and shared commitment to service the
apparel industry,” said Tom Turco, director of Marketing, Engineered Performance Products, Milliken
and Co. “Milliken is delighted to work with Freudenberg on the development of a new range of
products. Combining Milliken weaving and knitting expertise with Freudenbergs interlining and
fusible technology leadership is the best way to insure quality and consistency.”

According to the agreement, the base fabrics are produced by Milliken to Freudenberg
specifications. Adhesive systems are applied in Freudenbergs Durham manufacturing facility.

The first combined effort was designed for the tailored clothing market. Freudenberg is
introducing one woven and three weft insertion styles.

January 1999