IPCO: Solutions For Solidification, Film Casting And Extrusion

FELLBACH, Germany — April 25, 2024 — Industrial process systems company IPCO will use Achema in Hall 4, Stand 24, to showcase its wide range of solutions for the chemical industry.

IPCO is a world-leading supplier of high productivity systems for chemical processing, with applications ranging from chemical pastillation and film casting to extrusion and cooling equipment. The company also supplies innovative press and scattering solutions for the production of composite materials.

An independent company owned by FAM AB, part of the Swedish Wallenberg Group, IPCO has 600 employees and more than 30 sales and service offices worldwide. This network of regional offices, provides local, on-the-ground expertise backed up by a global service organisation.

IPCO Rotoform HP | KDB1668


Rotoform is IPCO’s flagship chemical solidification system with more than 2 500 lines installed worldwide. Solutions are available for sulphur, hot melts, resins, waxes, fat chemicals, bitumen, tar pitch and many more, and the company IPCO will have a demonstration model on show at Achema.

Rotoform systems are available for applications such as abrasive and sedimenting materials (e.g. catalysts and suspensions); melts requiring a high feed temperature (e.g. bitumen, resins); subcooling melts (e.g. antioxidants for the tyre industry); and pharmaceuticals requiring GMP compliance.


IPCO has developed a continuous film casting system incorporating an innovative Venturi drying module for the production of very thin films to fine tolerances. A slot die applies the liquid product directly onto a polished stainless steel belt, which then passes through controlled drying segments where the solvent in the liquid is evaporated.

As well as dry film casting to 10-300 μm, the process can also be be used to produce high quality microporous membranes. Applications include the production of separator membranes and ceramic tapes used in Li-ion batteries, fuel cells and solid-state batteries.

IPCO Film casting system | KDB5745


Another area of expertise is the manufacture of integrated powder paint production lines and IPCO will have a demo model on show at Achema. Product ranges include everything from feeding and extrusion equipment to cooling, flaking and downstream handling. This includes twin screw extruders from 1 to 2500kg/h capacity and a range of steel belt cooling systems and compact drum coolers.

IPCO Twin screw extrusion machine | 1729lpr

The company also offers spare parts, maintenance, refurbishment and servicing for all leading brands.

Posted: April 25, 2024

Source: IPCO Germany GmbH