Bcentriqe.AI Cements Partnership With Datatex To Deliver AI-Driven Business Solutions With ERP Solution For Textile And Apparel Manufacturing

(right to left): Bcentriqe.AI. CEO Alakh Verma; Datatex CEO Ronnie Hagin; and Shannon McCarthy, vice president of Operations and Business Development at Datatex.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — March 26, 2024 —  Bcentriqe.AI, a company based in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Datatex, a global developer of ERP applications for textile and apparel manufacturing based in Italy, have announced the partnership to deliver innovative AI-driven business profitability and productivity solutions for textile and apparel manufacturing companies.

Bcentriqe is a boutique AI solutions provider in AI-driven business profitability, productivity and demand predictions solutions, and will offer integrated solutions with Datatex ERP. This strategic partnership will underscore Datatex’ commitments with its 1000+ existing customers to accelerate customer AI adoptions globally.

Bcentriqe Inc. offers ProfitEdge and VisionEdge as its cutting-edge AI-based profitability platform with various offerings for an enhanced demand prediction, production control, inventory, and profitability improvement.

The strategic partnership with Datatex has laid a solid foundation to show case Bcentriqe AI based business profitability system with industry leading ERP solutions for textile and apparel manufacturing companies. The association also solidifies commitment to serve customers globally with Bcentriqe AI powered profitability system with a robust offshore engineering, development center in India, said Alakh Verma, CEO, Bcentriqe.AI.

“We see huge potential of AI based solutions globally across our customers, Datatex has a robust ERP suite with all modules and expertise needed to implement AI-powered solutions with the ERP and Supply chain applications,” said Ronnie Hagin, CEO of Datatex AG. “The combined solution will provide customers with predictable insights and profitability, leveraging AI and Intelligent Process Automation needed for product quality control, smart manufacturing processes and effective supply chain with reliable Services.”

Posted March 26, 2024

Source: Datatex