The Widest Range Of Solutions For Textile Processing And Machinery With Bonfiglioli

BOLOGNA, Italy — July 10, 2023 — The textile industry includes many different sub-sectors such as spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, and finishing, each of which requires specific equipment and techniques. A constant evolution in technologies characterises this field in order to improve efficiency, sustainability, and product quality, also using advanced manufacturing processes to develop environmentally friendly materials and production methods in compliance with local and international regulations.

Thanks to the extensive know-how and long-term collaboration with key customers, Bonfiglioli engineering specialists work side-by-side with customers to develop tailored and forward-thinking integrated solutions for the textile industry, covering the entire motion drive train, including the Industry 4.0 approach. Their drive system portfolio has the perfect features to respond to the typical demanding environment of the textile sector, characterized by fiber-polluted air, high ambient temperatures and occasional mains failure management. Bonfiglioli faces the harsh environments of the textile sector in different ways:

  • In order to prevent material damages (i.e. yarn breaks) due to DC-Bus & Mains failure, Bonfiglioli takes care that the machine can react during a power failure with a managed ramp down
  • To keep heat losses outside the cabinet and allow space savings, the company offers the cold plate and feedthrough solutions. Device variants without fans and without electrolyte capacitors improve the longevity of the inverters and their robustness to work in high temperature environments.
  • They offer alternative cooling concepts for frequency and servo inverter and coated printed circuit boards

All this, coupled with a comprehensive range of professional services, allows Bonfiglioli to satisfy the customers’ demands with solutions aimed at minimizing the total cost of ownership of plants by significantly reducing maintenance activities, energy consumption and downtime.

Promoting sustainability and a responsible resource usage is one of Bonfiglioli’s main goals. The following approaches help to increase the energy efficiency of the drives and therefore of the whole machine:

  • Smart energy usage
  • Converting energy with high efficiency
  • Using kinetic energy during braking
  • Reducing energy consumption through energy saving functions in the frequency inverter

“Energy efficiency, cost saving and sustainability have been the roots of the design for Textile Drive Solutions,” said Christofer König, sales manager at Bonfiglioli. “Thanks to our wide experience in controlling machines through electronic drives, we have improved the functionality and monitoring of controllers, motors and gearboxes to ensure long-term and stable operations of textile machines. As a result, we are able to offer complete product packages (inverter + gearbox + motor) of highly dynamic drive systems for increasing production efficiency.”

More specifically, Bonfiglioli showcased three different examples of solutions at ITMA for roving frames, ring spinning machines and warp preparation. The first solution, designed for roving frames, includes the EVOX CP, a coaxial gearbox with a smooth surface that can be fitted to any machine thanks to its compatibility with market standards, the MXN asynchronous low voltage e-motor (IE3) developed to be modular, reliable, energy-efficient and internationally certified, and the DGM MPM decentralised inverter with sensorless vector control operation for optimal dynamics control.

As regards ring spinning machines, a compact right-angle A gear unit available in a wide torque range, an IE4 certified BSR synchronous reluctance motor, which guarantees an ecological and high-performance solution thanks to the absence of magnets and the AxiaVert smart inverter, featuring integrated functional safety and high application versatility, also for IoT.

Finally, on display is a solution for warp preparation, which consists of the TR precision planetary gearbox, characterized by great modularity due to multiple design configurations as well as wide ratios range and the BSR synchronous reluctance motor with the AGILE smart inverter, available in three mechanical sizes for power ranges between 0.12 and 11 kW for maximum standard application flexibility.

Posted July 11, 2023

Source: Bonfiglioli