Uster Technologies Introduces Pioneering Solution Suite, Uster 360Q, At ITMA 2023

USTER, Switzerland — June 9, 2023 — Uster Technologies is proud to introduce its pioneering solution suite, Uster 360Q, at ITMA 2023. The suite combines instruments, data-enabled software, and Uster textile expertise which empower mills to lift quality and profitability to the next level. Going beyond customer benefits, the 360Q platform enables cooperation with industry-leading companies for best-in-class solutions.

Imagine a game-changing collaboration between a textile mill and Uster which revolutionizes quality and cost efficiency. Picture the seamless integration of Uster equipment and intelligent digital tools, translating test data into insights for improvements. And visualize Uster textile experts collaborating side-by-side with mill staff to achieve optimal quality levels consistently, while minimizing costs. This is Uster 360Q — a pioneering suite of solutions driving textile manufacturers towards a new era of excellence.

Uster 360Q smoothly combines three key elements: cutting-edge instruments, integrated software with data analytics, and unrivaled textile expertise from Uster’s acknowledged specialists. With this combination, textile mills can completely embody the philosophy of ‘managing a mill with quality in mind’. Uster Technologies brings a game-changing role, built on its unique market position, in which 360Q creates a visionary universe for its customers.

The supreme discipline in cotton spinning

Cotton is the most widely-used natural fiber in textiles — and the most challenging when it comes to raw material management. A primary challenge is the quality of cotton, or its quality variability, to be more precise. Spinning mills have a delicate task to maintain optimal stock levels without compromising quality or profitability. The raw material mix is crucial, as laydowns affect process performance and waste levels at different stages, as well as quality and consistency. Finally, mill personnel may not always have the expertise needed to manage these factors.

Uster 360Q supports spinners in sustainable data-driven decisions for raw material management. Combining Uster HVI 1000 with powerful software, analysis of fiber data is the start point. Uster textile experts then bring the capabilities of equipment, data and software tools into the specific mill context. This achieves maximum and long-term quality consistency, reduces mixing costs and optimizes yield and waste levels. Minimized losses from claims are the logical result.

Uster FiberQ Lot and Uster FiberQ Bale

FiberQ Lot and FiberQ Bale are the software elements of 360Q for raw material utilization. They support spinners’ daily processes, eventually resulting in better quality consistency, profitability and further growth. To suit the diverse needs of spinning mills, two different FiberQ value modules are offered: Uster FiberQ Lot and Uster FiberQ Bale. The Uster FiberQ Lot laydown management value module is suitable for mills which take representative samples of incoming cotton, rather than 100% testing of all bales, particularly when cotton parameter variation is low within one lot.

Uster FiberQ Bale laydown management value module caters for mills conducting 100-percent testing of bales — or which have test results for every bale provided by cotton classing organizations. It is ideal for machine-picked cotton with higher parameter variations within lots.

FiberQ Lot and FiberQ Bale achieve maximum quality consistency by processing high volumes of data while considering all key quality parameters. It is totally automated, with built-in application intelligence to provide laydowns to suit each mill’s context. With the potential to connect to further process steps in the future, FiberQ is the ideal starting point for the digital journey to mill optimization.

The Uster 360Q Platform is the enabler for the comprehensive data processing. The cloud platform simplifies device and software complexity by providing a central access point for all Uster solutions and digital services, with reliability and top-notch security. Uster’s new architecture enables global connectivity and greater analytical power. Spinners get set for the future, using secure, fast and reliable access to Uster cloud services that is easy to use. For example, it is now feasible to see an overview of multiple plants from one central point, in any location.

Textile expertise for impact

Any system, however intelligent, always needs the ‘human factor’ to bring the best outcome. For spinning mills, regular collaboration with Uster textile experts is what enables maximize optimization potential. Textile Expertise is the third element of Uster 360Q, available at two levels: the one-time Adoption Services supports early operation, while the continuing Advisory Service has specially targeted benefits for achieving quality consistency and minimizing costs.

With Uster Academy, 360Q introduces another source of knowledge. The Uster Academy is a comprehensive e-learning platform with course programs from global textile experts, including tailored training for diverse learning needs and impactful decision-making. Participants can stay up-to-date through flexibly-paced online courses, leading to a valued Uster certificate on completion.

Join 360Q

Uster 360Q stresses that its aims take in the full extent of data-driven decisions for optimized quality and profitability in the textile industry. That includes machinery and components manufacturers, as well as mills. ‘360 degrees’ stands for an ecosystem that is open to anybody interested in creating strong and viable customer value.

Uster Technologies is ideally positioned as a neutral quality management focused company to commit and maintain partnerships with a big vision. Technical possibilities to connect data can be leveraged by a growing network of partners, offering immense potential for mills in the textile industry.

Posted: June 13, 2023

Source: Uster Technologies AG