Pincroft Takes A Step Forward In Sustainable Textile Finishing Invests In Baldwin Technology’s TexCoat G4

ADLINGTON, England — January 18, 2023 — British textile dyer, printer and finisher, Pincroft has adopted a new environmentally friendly technology for the finishing of fabrics for a wide number of sectors and applications.

This new machinery was developed by Baldwin Technology Co. Inc., a company created in 1918 and headquartered in the US with a global footprint. As featured in a recent Pincroft’s announcement on military fabric finishing, the TexCoat G4 is a precision spray machine engineered and manufactured in Europe, that not only offers excellent sustainable aspects including the reduction on water, chemical and energy usage, but also the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s needs in terms of single and double sided finish application.

The sustainability benefits of this new machine allow Pincroft to save up to 20 percent of the finishing chemistry, with no waste or color changeovers and no need for periodic pad renewals. It also reduces the amount of water used by 50 percent as a result of increasing chemistry concentration. Productivity is also benefited by the use of this new Pincroft’s technology, with an increase of 50 percent caused by the lower wet pick up which allows for a higher line speed.

Energy consumption is another factor highly improved by the Texcoat G4, since a higher line speed leads to a more efficient use of the tenter. The machine also consumes less than 10 percent of the electric power of a pad.

Versatile textile finishing solution

Pincroft’s new non-contact textile finishing equipment utilizes precision valve technology coupled with optimised software algorithms assuring accurate and even finish coverage with virtually no waste.

Pincroft’s Texcoat G4 can be utilized for a number of fabric finishes that include vector protection (permethrin), antimicrobial, crease resistance, water repellency, stain and soil release, and flame retardancy to name a few.

Its versatility is also featured in the equipment’s capability of offering single and double sided finishing for fabrics in industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, home furnishings, oil and gas, mining and utilities.

Ian Rawcliffe, Pincroft’s Technical manager, said: “The acquisition of this new precision spray technology represents our commitment to the environment, customers and to the investment in our facilities to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies the market has to offer. With the use of the TexCoat G4, customers can rest assured their fabrics are being finished to the highest of standards while decreasing their impact on the environment”.

Rick Stanford, Baldwin’s vice president of Global Business Development, commented: “I worked with Ian and Pincroft for many years prior to joining Baldwin. Pincroft are known to seek out the latest in cutting edge technology and their evaluation and implementation of TexCoat G4 was no different. We are pleased that Pincroft, one of the top manufacturers of high-performance technical fabrics, puts their trust in us to assist in lowering their carbon footprint while meeting the performance requirements of their most demanding clients.”

Posted: January 20, 2023

Source: Pincroft