BB Engineering At The K Show 2022: Plastics Expertise And Innovative PET Recycling For High-Quality Products

REMSCHEID, Germany — August 11, 2022 — As a sub-exhibitor of Oerlikon, BB Engineering will present itself as an expert in extrusion, mixing and filtration as well as an innovator for PET recycling with the VacuFil and VarioFil R+ systems at the K.

Plastics competence – extruders, mixers, filters

BB Engineering is no newcomer to the plastics industry. As a joint venture of Brückner Maschinenbau (leading with film extrusion lines) and Oerlikon Barmag (leading with man-made fiber spinning lines), BB Engineering took over the extruder division of Oerlikon Barmag already in 2002. BB Engineering can thus draw on more than 60 years of experience in extruder construction and is constantly engaged in development work to further optimize its products. To date, approx. 20,000 extruders have been delivered worldwide. The extruders are mainly used in film and synthetic fiber spinning lines for PP, PET, PA and PE. BB Engineering is the exclusive supplier for its parent companies and also sells extrusion and filtration technology to third party customers. The portfolio also includes various continuous and discontinuous polymer filters from small to large (0.1-40m² filter area) as well as various polymer mixers.

The quality of the melt and thus of the end product is BB Engineering’s top priority for all components and equipment. “Our company has always stood for high-quality, durable machines and components that enable our customers to manufacture first-class products. A high-quality melt is crucial for trouble-free production and good, consistent product properties” underlines Dr. Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director.

Recycling technology

BB Engineering has been focusing its development work increasingly on recycling technologies for several years. In addition to extruders, filters and mixers that are suitable for both recycling processes and the processing of recyclate, BB Engineering offers a complete PET recycling plant called VacuFil.

With VacuFil, BB Engineering has developed an innovative and unique PET LSP recycling process. And here, too, the focus is on product quality. The process combines gentle large-scale filtration and targeted IV regulation for consistently outstanding rPET melt quality. Thus, much more than simple “downcycling” is possible with VacuFil. VacuFil processes a wide range of input materials – post-production and post-consumer. The patented key component Visco+ vacuum filter removes volatile impurities quickly and reliably. VacuFil is a modular system that can be designed for different recycling applications. There are no limits to the downstream processes. Simple granulation is possible, but also direct feeding into further processing, e.g. in the synthetic fiber spinning mill. BBE offers VacuFil in combination with its own VarioFil compact spinning plant to produce polyester yarn.

Open House

Exactly this process can be visited during the K show at an open house of BB Engineering and Oerlikon Barmag. Not far from Düsseldorf, at the company’s site in Remscheid, BBE and Oerlikon Barmag will open their doors and give customers and interested parties an insight into the technical center. Here, visitors can experience the VacuFil Visco+ recycling technology in operation with a connected VarioFil spinning plant and see live how high-quality recycling yarn is produced from PET waste.

Posted: August 11, 2022

Source: BB Engineering GmbH