In Memoriam Johannes Zimmer, September 20, 1930-February 20, 2021

Johannes Zimmer

KLAGENFURT/GURNITZ, Austria — March 12, 2021 — Johannes Zimmer was born on September 20, 1930, in Warnsdorf, Bohemia, as Sudeten German/Austrian. His father and grandfather were reputable makers of textile machinery in the Warnsdorf factory with its own foundry for the base frame of textile roller printing machines.

After WWII in 1945 the family was expelled and came to Bad Gastein, Kuftsein and Vienna Austria through existing family ties. The family business was then re-started in Kufstein, at a very small scale

In 1958 Johannes moved to Klagenfurt to extend the Kufstein based company. In 1960 the company built a new factory building and grew into a leading company with more than 1,000 associates.

This company has endured the test of time and developed into a modern textile printing machine manufacturing company. The company’s plants in Klagenfurt and Kufstein combined have now several hundred associates. Until the end Johannes called himself an entrepreneur.

Religion, and his deep relationship with Jesus Christ were always one of the most integral aspects of his way of life. The most important thing for him was the love of the neighbor. Anybody was able to approach him to ask for help. He would always find a way to assist and support.

From his first marriage with Claude in 1955 sprung three children — Roland, Johannes and Desiree. He remarried to Elisabeth and had David. With his third wife Catherine, Jonathan was born.

Johannes is also survived by his grandchildren Sabrina, Daniel, Martin, Heidi, Felix, Julia and Heinrich. His first great-grandchild is expected in April 2021.

Johannes was not an ordinary man. He didn’t appreciate superficial opinions and talk. Truth and justice were his benchmark, which he applied to himself and others. To the best of his knowledge, he would stand for his notions, always ready to go all the way. But ultimately, he was always considerate and affectionate. He was always aware that the free will of humans given by God, and love to each other were the greatest gifts of all.

With growing age his commitment for Christianity became more important to him. He began to write books based on Christian literature. He founded the book-publishing house “pro GE”, meaning Divine Evolution, to produce and distribute his and other books in the same spirit.

Johannes especially loved nature and God’s natural order. He loved the area around Gurnitz/Ebenthal, the beautiful peaceful church and its small cemetery. He spent many times talking walks in the surrounding forests. His wish was to find his final resting place right in this spot.

Posted March 12, 2021

Source: Zimmer Austria Inc.