Sezginler Tekstil Chooses Baldwin’s TexCoat G4 For Finishing

St. Louis-based Baldwin Technology Co. Inc. reports Sezginler Tekstil, a Turkey-based printing and dyeing company, recently completed the installation of four Baldwin TexCoat G4 non-contact spray systems. The company has integrated the technology into its softening finishing process replacing the conventional pad/foulard application method. It uses the four spray systems in both wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry processes. According to Sezginler Tekstil, the TexCoat G4 offers increased uptime, consistent finishing quality and reduced chemistry and energy consumption.

“By using the TexCoat G4 in the wet-on-wet process with reactive dyed fabric, we get a uniformity of the fabric that we have never experienced before,” said Ali Küçükerenköy, finishing manager at Sezginler Tekstil. “Adding the non-contact spray technology to the pad/foulard, is a decision we will never regret.”

“With TexCoat G4, we can totally rely on a continuous and even application from the first meter of the fabric to the last,” explained Küçükerenköy.“The same amount of chemical concentration is applied throughout the production, which was never the case with the old finishing method, where every meter of the fabric could have variations as the pad/foulard also being dirtier each meter.”

November/December 2020