Loepfe Brothers Ltd. Has Announced Its New YarnMaster® EOS For Unprecedented Yarn Quality On Open-End Machines

WETZIKON, Switzerland — December 2, 2020 — Loepfe Brothers Ltd. has announced today that its new YarnMaster® EOS is in series production and ready for shipping. Featuring state-of-the-art optoelectronic technology, this is the latest in a range of products designed and launched to support maximum productivity for spinning mills.

The new YarnMaster EOS provides the most reliable yarn clearing results in the open-end spinning process and can be mounted on the widest variety of machines in the market. YarnMaster EOS features a newly developed optical sensor that offers unrivaled stability and enables accurate yarn clearing tailored to the desired yarn quality. Engineered to last, the new technology is embedded within YarnMaster EOS’ sleek outer casing that allows for its versatile use on an even wider range of open-end machines than its predecessor. Loepfe also prioritized implementation of an intuitive user interface for EOS’ advanced functions.

Loepfe YarnMaster yarn clearer products have made history with their optoelectronic technology, bringing yarn inspection and quality assessment closest to that of the human eye. Loepfe’s yarn clearers fulfill the combined requirements for consistent yarn quality and maximum machine efficiency.

Loepfe’s Head of Products & Solutions Guido Wieland said: “This is a must-have for all open-end spinning machine owners — the combination of consistency and efficiency offered by the YarnMaster EOS is unrivaled anywhere on the planet. It gives owners greater control of yarn quality than they have ever had before, while ensuring that machine efficiency is optimized for maximum productivity.”

Loepfe’s CEO Dr. Ralph Mennicke commented: “Despite the challenging times in which we are living, Loepfe has remained true to its values and kept on investing in R&D. Recognizing the challenges faced by all in the spinning and weaving industry today, our investment in developing the finest Swiss technologies to support our customers continues at full speed. I look forward to the months and years to come when we will be sharing information about further developments and milestones.”

Posted December 2, 2020

Source: Loepfe Brothers Ltd.