Archroma Tops Institute Of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) List Of Industrial Chemical Companies Driving Supply Chain Transparency

REINACH, Switzerland — November 23, 2020 — Archroma, a global supplier of specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has been recently ranked number 1 in the “industrial chemicals” list published by the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) for driving transparency in their supply chain.

Archroma also entered the Top 50 of companies in IPE’s Green Supply Chain CITI Evaluation, at the 47th position. The evaluation dynamically assesses brands on the environmental management of their supply chains in China.

Archroma supplies industries as diverse as textiles, fashion, packaging, paper, adhesives, paints, and construction, with innovations and solutions that can be found in many consumer goods, from paper and packaging, to home décor paints and textiles, to clothing and car seats.

With a wide array of products used every day, everywhere, the company is committed to operate along the principles of “The Archroma Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”. The Archroma team is therefore committed to sourcing safe and sustainable raw materials and intermediates from like-minded partners.

Archroma’s efforts in this area have been noticed and rewarded earlier this year with the EcoVadis Gold award.

Heike van de Kerkhof, CEO of Archroma, recently delivered a message at the IPE 2020 Green Supply Chain Forum online, and commented: “As industry leader, we have the responsibility to keep on addressing the climate challenge, and to do everything we can together to reduce our impact on the environment. This is where the approach of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs supports us. They encourage us to challenge our suppliers in terms of safety, health and environment, and to go even beyond our own strict policies and processes.”

“We congratulate Archroma for its excellent acceleration of supply chain oversight during 2020,” said Dr. Linda Greer, IPE’s Senior Global Fellow, “and we are delighted to welcome them into our Top 50 in their very first year. We hope that companies sourcing chemicals for manufacturing take note of this leadership in sustainability, as it is so rare to see in the chemical sector.”

Posted November 23, 2020

Source: Archroma