Penn State Rare Earth Magnetic Tubes Study Covered In Report Available From Eriez®

ERIE, Pa. — June 10, 2020 — An independent study conducted by Penn State Behrend provides in-depth findings regarding the university’s performance testing of rare earth magnetic tubes in a report available from Eriez®.

The report provided these conclusions from this “single-blind” study: A substantially higher pull force was provided by the Eriez magnet than any of the other samples. Eriez’ magnet was also among the best performers in terms of magnetic flux density.

While it might be suggested that use of a hand held device may introduce human error into the measurement of force, it should be borne in mind that a careful test method was developed and shown to be repeatable, reliable and accurate. Therefore, Penn State Behrend is confident that the results, in terms of the trends represented in summary graphs and supported by comprehensive data provided in this report, faithfully reflect the influence of the factors investigated.

Download a copy of this rare earth magnet tubes study at or request a printed copy from an Eriez representative by visiting

Posted June 15, 2020

Source: Eriez