Major Order For Brückner For Several Glass Fiber Finishing Lines From Belarus

left to right: Mathias Strecker, Brückner Sales; Oleg Kurilin, General Director ,Steklovolokno; Regina Brückner, Owner, Brückner; Hanna Padalitsa; Project Manager, Steklovolokno; and Yury Kasianov, Commercial Director, Steklovolokno

LEONBURG, Germany — May 19, 2020 — The company JSC POLOTSK STEKLOVOLOKNO, founded in 1958 and based in Belarus, has been among others a world market leader in the production of glass fabrics for decades. The wide variety of products from glass fibre to glass yarn, electrical insulation and construction glass fabric, glass mesh and silica materials enables STEKLOVOLOKNO to be successful in many branches of industry. These include mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, automotive and aircraft industry, electro-technical industry, metallurgy as well as the military and construction industry. Every year, the Belarusian company processes around 55,000 tonnes of glass fabric for over 900 different end products. For the thermal finishing, caramelization and desizing of glass fiber, several lines have recently been ordered from the German machine manufacturer BRÜCKNER. The family-run company located in Southern Germany has been producing lines for the textile industry as well as for technical applications for more than 70 years. In the field of glass fabric finishing, market-leading manufacturers trust in BRÜCKNER technology since decades. The delivery of the lines to Belarus is planned for end of the year 2020.

Hanna Padalitsa, project manager at Steklovolokno, is very satisfied. “We have known BRÜCKNER since the late 90s and already then had successful and good experience in working together,” Padalitsa said. “At that time BRÜCKNER supplied us with one line for finishing electrical insulation glass fabric which is still in operation today at our Polotsk site. We are happy to continue this excellent cooperation with BRÜCKNER and ordered several lines from this family-run company. We are convinced that the whole BRÜCKNER team will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, ensure the best quality of the lines we ordered and provide an extraordinary technical and after-sales service as they always do and for which the company is known worldwide.”

Posted May 21, 2020

Source: Brückner