Itema Exhibits Weaving Innovations At IGATEX Pakistan 12th International Exhibition

COLZATE, Italy/KARACHI, Pakistan — Itema – Italian manufacturer of weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services — is exhibiting at IGATEX Pakistan (Hall 5 – A5/17) from February 26-28 at Karachi Expo Centre in a joint booth with its sole agent in the country, Noon International.

Itema is uniquely positioned by offering to textile manufacturers what is today considered the most complete product portfolio available on the market, providing all the top three weft insertion technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile. Moreover, the company provides OEM spare parts and upgrade kits for Itema, Somet, Vamatex and Sulzer machines models giving to Customers the chance to revitalize and extend the life cycle of their existing weaving machines.

Itema is strongly committed to investing in the Pakistani market, providing highly innovative and technological products to fully satisfy the growing potential and the requirements of the advanced weaving mills of the country. In order to further demonstrate this commitment, in 2016 Itema opened a Dubai-based affiliate, Itema Middle East, which provides business development and continued support in Pakistan, Africa and Middle East basin countries.

Furthermore, in October 2017, in collaboration with Noon International, Itema opened the doors of its ItemaCampus in Lahore, a state-of-the-art training center equipped with the latest generation rapier and air-jet looms. No matter how easy to use and intuitive the latest-generation weaving equipment from Itema is, on-the-ground training remains a key element when it comes to getting the most out of your looms. In the ItemaCampus every week a team of skilled technicians with a long-standing experience on the field share their knowledge and passion with Pakistani weavers, providing them with a significant added value and active support, which will undoubtedly further bolster and facilitate the country’s renowned creativity and responsiveness to the ever-changing fast-paced demands of today’s textile market.

The physical presence of Itema in Pakistan has been very well received and this customer-oriented approach has contributed to the creation of partnerships with some of the most prominent textile corporations of Pakistan, including denim specialists such as Azgard 9 and Artistic Fabric Mills that installed the Itema denim dedicated rapier R9500denim. Another high-profile partnership which is worth to mention is the one with the vertically integrated textile company Gul Ahmed, that chose the Itema absolute best-seller — the R9500 rapier weaving machine — to refurbish one of its plant to weave a widest range of fabrics in different weaving width such as bed sheeting, apparel and linen applications.

Moreover, Itema confirms its leadership as preferred provider of weaving technology for high-end terry fabrics production in Pakistan, with a significant number of new installations for the rapier R9500terry in a diversified group of Customers from Faisalabad to Karachi.

As Itema’s Global Marketing and Sales Director Christian Straubhaar, stated: “This is just a starting point. I am sure that Pakistan will play an even more major role in the worldwide textile industry of the future and Itema is here to support and facilitate this growth.”

During IGATEX, Itema’s team will introduce to visitors and weavers all the latest breakthrough innovations implemented by the Italian company, including what is already recognized as the game-changer in the denim weaving world: the second generation of the Itema denim dedicated rapier machine, the R95002denim. Unparalleled cost savings, superior fabric quality and outstanding user-experience are the key words of the R95002denim which features breakthrough devices and delivers tangible benefits to weavers.

Saving is the crucial point of the R95002denim. Not only the optimization of the main mechanical components allows a considerable energy consumption reduction but the machine is equipped with the iSAVER™, a unique and revolutionary device that eliminates the waste selvedge on the left-hand side of the fabric thus leading to unparalleled savings.

Furthermore, for the first time in the weaving industry, a sustainable approach to fabric production is possible thanks to a significant reduction in resources use and wastage.

Franco Brambilla, Itema Middle East executive director, commented: “Our intention is to constantly increase our physical presence in Pakistani weaving mills with the newest and most advanced weaving machinery range and to support the entire textile industry from small, family-run operations all the way to the most sophisticated, vertically integrated conglomerates. This is our mission and this is what we will do in a systematic, gradual and sustainable way”.

Itema staff, along with its agent Noon International, will be present at the exhibition to meet Pakistani textile entrepreneurs and to personally introduce them the Company’s latest technological advancements to weave the widest range of fabrics, while ensuring top quality, outstanding reliability and the highest performances.

Posted February 15, 2019

Source: Itema S.p.A.