Lectra Redesigns Company Branding

France-based Lectra has unveiled a new brand identity designed to highlight the company’s digital strategy centered on Industry 4.0 concepts. While maintaining the same red and black colors, the new logo was designed to emphasize the company’s four values — Caring, Committed, Insightful and Visionary — and suggest the idea of innovation.

The branding also includes a new tagline — “Empowering customers through industrial intelligence” — which confirms Lectra’s commitment to its customers, according to the company.

“Lectra’s new branding identity is a direct reflection of the company’s evolving strategy, its expertise and rich history,” said Alexis Noal, vice president, ComCorp., the agency that helped develop Lectra’s new brand identity. “The new branding is the fruit of a close collaboration with Lectra’s teams, at every level, and nourished through our recent exchanges with Lectra’s customers and partners.”


January/February 2018