Technology Transfer Services Signs Agreement With Cormatex

BOILING SPRINGS, S.C. — October 16, 2017 — Technology Transfer Services Inc. has signed an agreement with Cormatex S.r.l., an Italy based textile machinery and lines manufacturer, as the exclusive Agent for the United States and Canada.

Cormatex is a textile machinery manufacturer operating worldwide since 1938. Over the years, they have specialized their production in the following sectors:

  • Carding and spinning technologies for woollen yarn, especially fine knitting yarn including cashmere, angora, camel hair and their blends with fine wool (brand-new and fully reconditioned machinery).
  • Complete Nonwovens production lines including fiber opening and blending systems, fine openers, card feeding systems, high production cards & cross lappers, airlay systems, cutting and wind-up systems.
  • Pilot Line facility available for customers to run trials with their own fibers and produce samples under proprietary conditions for machinery and process consideration.

TTS with locations in Boiling Springs, S.C., and Greensboro, N.C., serves the North American nonwoven and textile recycling markets by providing technical assistance in developing advanced process techniques and providing complete nonwoven and textile recycling process equipment.

Enrico Rosso, Cormatex sales manager stated: “The cooperation with TTS was exactly what Cormatex was looking for to expand its business in the US market. TTS knows the market very well and has the technical knowledge needed to discover new opportunities for the highly innovative solutions proposed by Cormatex”.

Jimmy King, TTS vice president, sales & marketing, said: “The opportunity to promote high production cards, cross lappers and innovative airlay systems from Cormatex brings new avenues of technology to our customers by providing cutting edge machinery solutions and superior after sales support in North America from TTS”.

Posted October 17, 2017

Source: Technology Transfer Services