Nye Lubricants Offers Damping Grease Sample Kit

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. — June 21, 2016 — A new expanded Damping Grease Sample Kit is now available from Nye Lubricants Inc. The kit features medium-viscosity greases from the Fluorocarbon Gel 868 and NyoGel® 774 series of products that were designed to control motion and vibration, maintain accurate positioning, smooth operation, and provide touch feedback for a broad array of mechanisms and controls. These greases exhibit stable, water-resistant, shear thinning characteristics over a range of viscosities.

Nye damping greases operate over a wide temperature range, exhibit low oil separation and evaporation, provide lubrication and protection and are compatible with most plastics and elastomers. The NyoGel 774 Series is thickened by silica, and exhibits low color, high clarity, and medium tack. The greases resist displacement from plastic or metal surfaces. Included in this kit is the newly formulated 774H5 designed to fill a viscosity gap in the series. The Fluorocarbon Gel 868 series is composed of opaque, white products formulated with rust inhibitors and PTFE particles, which can improve lubricity.

Nye has over 70 products, based on different material classes, which solve problems and optimize performance in motion control applications. Some of the grease formulations are modifications of the hydrocarbon-based products in this kit, designed to enhance performance under specific conditions. Others include silicone-based and fully fluorinated gels, as well as specialty fluids. In addition, Nye can custom-formulate a product for your application.

To view our Damping Kit brochure or to request a sample kit, visit our Damping Grease Request Page.

Posted June 21, 2016

Source: Nye Lubricants