Zinser Equipment Selected For New UK Spinning Plant

After years of decline, the last surviving cotton mill in Manchester, England, closed its doors in the 1980s. But some 30 years later, Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd. has announced plans to open a modern spinning plant in Manchester.

The £6-million ($8.7-million) investment features state-of-the-art spinning machinery from Germany-based Saurer Zinser including the 351 2Impact FX compact-spinning machine, Zinser 670 roving frame, and the Saurer Schlafhorst Autoconer 6 for winding.

Culimeta-Saveguard will spin ultra-fine combed cotton compact yarns in counts Ne 60 and larger using cotton imported from Barbados, India, Egypt and the United States.

“We are proud that ring spinning machines from Zinser are being installed in the first new cotton spinning plant to be erected in England,” said Burcu Sevinis, product manager, Saurer Zinser.

May/June 2016