Texbase Introduces Material Connect

BOZEMAN, Mont. — December 9, 2015 — TEXbase, a supplier of cloud-based software for the apparel and textile industries, today announced Material Connect, an advanced supplier collaboration solution for brands, retailers and consumer product companies.
Capturing even the simplest material information from suppliers is often an exercise in multiple emails, various document templates and excessive data entry. This results in wasted time, higher costs and worst of all — inaccuracy. TEXbase Material Connect eliminates the need to send email attachments to suppliers, receive them back and manually transfer data to a spreadsheet. The system allows fabric vendors to submit new fabric information and updates on existing fabrics directly to their customers. After approval by their customer, Material Connect will insert new fabric data and images directly into their fabric library or update existing fabric records. The system eliminates the need to exchange fabric profile templates via email (often multiple times for the same cloth) and eliminates the need to manually transfer data upon receipt. Material Connect allows each customer to define required fields that their vendors must complete prior to submitting new or edited fabrics and instantly communicates new data requirements to their entire supply chain.
Material Connect eliminates work while increasing consistency in material data. It streamlines processes, reduces time to market and allows development teams to focus on being creative instead of entering data.
Material Connect is available to all TEXbase customers at no additional cost as an added benefit of their software subscriptions.   
“Using email to send templates for vendors to fill out and send back is one of the most time consuming activities that sourcing and development teams engage in,” said Joe Walkuski, Founder and CEO, TEXbase. “We built Material Connect to eliminate this work, minimize keystrokes and allow more time for creativity rather than data entry. It’s completely secure and has already facilitated the data transfer for thousands of fabrics resulting in significant savings while at the same time accelerating innovation for our customers. It’s a great example of how software can automate manual processes and we’re excited to bring this new level of practical collaboration to the industry.”
Posted December 14, 2015

Source: TEXbase