Tandematic Systems Inc. To Acquire Tandematic Assets

SPARTANBURG — October 26, 2015 — Tandematic Systems LLC, a sister company to Consultex Systems Inc., has purchased Tandematic Inc.’s operations. As part of the purchase, Tandematic Inc.’s founder, William “Bill” Young, will lend his 40-plus-years of textile machinery engineering experience to Tandematic Systems in an effort to smoothly transition ownership and production. In addition to Young’s assistance, Tandematic Systems will also be gaining the experience and knowhow of long-time Tandematic employees, Mark Cox, Keith McCollum and others.

Young’s work experience began at DuPont, but after 14 years he left to start a small engineering firm in Spartanburg, then known as Young Engineering. Ten years later, Young Engineering adopted the name Tandematic, and so began the development and manufacture of new web processing machines, machines that would eventually be accepted in the industry as state of the art and the template for other manufacturers who have unsuccessfully tried to imitate for years.

Young’s innovative product line will continue under the leadership of Arne Niemann, himself a “product” of the textile industry. Niemann’s father, Frederic Niemann, came to the United States from Germany as a textile engineer.  The senior Niemann and Young found themselves both in the textile machinery business less than a mile apart in what was then a booming textile town, and both of their successes were due in large part to progressive thinking and an attitude that problems in textile manufacturing were opportunities for them as machinery manufacturers.

Arne Niemann purchased his deceased father’s company in 2005, and today the name Consultex is known as a world leader in roll goods coating equipment; building machines with an attention to quality that is unparalleled in the market.

Just as the next generation Consultex has continued its founder’s legacy and tradition of quality and integrity, Tandematic Systems will continue to be at the forefront of textile machinery innovation.  So when you see “Tandematic” stamped in steel, you will know that Young’s commitment to innovation and quality is carried on with pride, excitement, and humility by Arne Niemann and Tandematic Systems’ personnel.

Posted October 27, 2015

Source: Consultex Systems