Lang Ligon To Supply COMSAT Warpers To Norfab, Twitchell

Greenville-based textile machinery distributor Lang Ligon & Co. Inc. has added weaving
preparation, sectional warping and related equipment from Spain-based COMSAT to the product lines
it offers its customers in the United States and Canada.

The company recently sold COMSAT UNI EVO sectional warpers to Norfab Corp., a Norristown,
Pa.-based manufacturer of synthetic heat-resistant textiles; and to Twitchell Corp., a Dothan,
Ala.-based manufacturer of fabrics, vinyl extrusions and coatings for outdoor furniture, awning and
shade, industrial and other applications. The computer-controlled UNI warpers feature a completely
automatic advance determination system and can process a range of materials including cut or
continuous fibers with or without twist, in addition to glass, plastic and other materials.

Norfab selected the UNI warper after “years of research,” said Joe Bruderek, manager. “The
warper gives us the versatility we need for all our fabrics, fiberglass heavy fabrics to the Norfab
lighter-weight fabrics. The workmanship, commitment to the textile industry and the willingness to
customize ‘our’ warper are key reasons as well. We truly feel they produced a warper specifically
for us.” He also mentioned the service and spare parts COMSAT provides even for its older

“We visited several facilities which utilized COMSAT equipment and talked to management and
technicians at those locations,” said Tim Gilmore, manager, Twitchell. “To the person, they were
all very complimentary of the robustness of the equipment and the level of service supplied by
COMSAT after the sale. The warper seems to have all the capability that we need and yet is equipped
with a simple, straightforward control system that is easily understood by the operator.”

November 19, 2013