SML Group Acquires Xterprise

NEW YORK CITY — July 11, 2013 — The SML Group (“SML”) continues the expansion of its RFID ViziT™
program with the announcement today that it has acquired a controlling interest in Xterprise,
Carrollton, TX, USA. Xterprise now becomes a part of the SML Group.

As an industry leader in RFID item-level inventory management software applications
Xterprise’s suite of Clarity™ enterprise solutions deliver proven In-Store and Supply Chain
business value to a growing retailer and brand owner market. SML will add Xterprise’s complementary
capabilities to its existing set of RFID businesses to serve customers around the globe.

“When we launched the RFID ViziT™ Brand, it was our intention to bring our customers a one
stop solution for RFID inventory management technology,” said Simon Suen; SML Group Ltd. Chairman.
“With the strategic move of acquiring Xterprise, the SML ViziT™ program will be even better
positioned to deliver RFID technologies that create value for customers by helping them achieve new
benchmarks in inventory and operational efficiencies. It also opens a new market for SML Group.”

“We long held that to maximize our impact in the market, we needed to align ourselves with an
innovative, global, RFID ecosystem partner. We were impressed with the approach and enthusiasm that
SML is demonstrating as it expands its RFID programs around the world. Being part of the SML ViziT™
program will allow Xterprise to more effectively bring our Clarity™ on-premise and Cloud based
retail store and supply chain applications to a much broader market. We are thrilled to join the
SML team and what that will mean to delivering impactful RFID Item-level solutions to customers
around the globe,” said Dean Frew; Founder and President of Xterprise.

Philip Calderbank; SML Group VP Global RFID commented “with the acquisition of an established
leader like Xterprise, the SML ViziT™ program can immediately offer front to back One Stop
solutions. We are very excited in being able to demonstrate how our solutions deliver increased
sales, reduce shrink and provide cost savings for both our Retail and Vendor Supplier customers.
For retailers, our acquisition of industry leader Xterprise now means that SML’s ViziT™ solutions
will enable them to enhance in-store stock replenishment processes resulting in increased sales and
decreased shrink across their chain. These in-store applications enable new best practices in Stock
Replenishment, Loss Prevention, Brand Protection and new Customer Experiences. In addition we will
offer a suite of solutions for Vendors and Brand Owners by leveraging supply chain applications,
for best in class item-level inventory management and carton auditing. The Xterprise Enterprise
solutions are aimed at supply chain operations and will help our customers reduce shipping and
receiving errors and reduce overall safety stock inventory levels across the entire product life

Founded in 2002, Xterprise is a leader in developing and deploying enterprise class RFID
applications and solutions across numerous vertical markets. Since 2008 the company has focused
entirely on RFID Item-Level applications and solutions for the retail market. Their Clarity™
applications are behind some of the most prominent RFID item-level retailer and brand supplier
successes in the market to date. With item-level solution deployments in over 20 countries,
customers have used Xterprise Clarity™ applications to process well over a 1 billion RFID
item-level inventory transactions since 2010. The company has developed a full suite of products
for the spectrum of item-level stakeholders, from manufacturing to distribution to in-store.
Xterprise applications are enterprise proven and are defining new best practices in inventory
management and store operations.

Posted July 16, 2013

Source: SML Group