Authicode Announces Its First Packaging Provider Partnership With QSL London

LONDON — June 27, 2013 — London based Authicode has announced the first of a series of partnerships
to help roll out its interactive anti-counterfeit and market data platform.

Authicode allows the consumer to interact with a brand via product labelling, packaging or
other design features. Through this process the consumer can verify authenticity or perform more
advanced tasks such as warranty or loyalty programme activation.

QSL London works with a number of luxury and premium brands, providing them with ticketing,
packaging and related items such as guarantee cards and booklets.

The company will now be able to provide its clients with the sophisticated, consumer engaging
Authicode platform to make their ticketing and packaging solutions interactive.The Authicode system
uniquely encodes every item with multiple layers of supply chain, product and marketing data. The
flexibility the system offers means that brands can choose how they wish to brand and apply the
technology to their products, potentially engaging the consumer in a further brand experience.

“Our secure cloud based system works in just about any supply chain and can be used in
combination with more traditional anti-counterfeit methods. We found that for many brands
established supplier partnerships like the one with QSL London can be convenient so that options
for Authicode enabled ticketing and labelling can be more plug and play” says Ben Muis, the fashion
industry consultant and creator of Authicode.

Paul Hammond from QSL London commented: “Packaging is becoming more engaging all the time and
it was only a matter of time before a comprehensive solution like Authicode came along. The way in
which the system ties together all the pieces from the start of the supply chain to the consumer is
very valuable to brands. I expect that our focus on creativity and quality in conjunction with the
interactive anti-counterfeit and market data technology we can now provide makes a very interesting
combination. The brands will be able to see and report on their product movements at consumer
level, which is a serious milestone for most.”

Ben Muis from Authicode has indicated that further partnerships are currently in preparation
and that more announcements are expected towards the third quarter of this year.

Posted on July 2, 2013

Source: Authicode