SATO Corporation Celebrates 50 Years Of Success In Marking Solutions

CHARLOTTE — May 9, 2013 — SATO Corporation, a pioneer in Marking Solutions and a leader in barcode
printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, celebrates 50 years of success providing handheld
labelers to customers worldwide.

In 1962, SATO introduced one of the first handheld labelers and established operations as an
international supplier of labeling machinery. To date, SATO remains at the creative forefront for
marking solutions and its product line for handheld labeling solutions has evolved over the past 50
years to satisfy the changing demands of the marketplace.

The SATO product line offers a variety of one, two and three line Handheld Labeling Systems
ideal for low- and high-volume users. They allow for the marking of thousands of items quickly and
reliably. Used for most merchandising and coding applications, they are available in a variety of
choices that will suit every customer need. Complete A-Z character sets are available affording
users the ability to print customized messages, price options and international characters.
Additional stock print bands allow for tool customization to meet special requirements of SATO

Engineered for durability and impact resistance, SATO Handheld Labeling Systems provide years
of dependable service for:

  • Retail, distribution and quality assurance applications 
  • Myriad combinations of pricing and promotional communications 
  • Inventory and product identification 
  • Enhanced comparative shopping

“Year after year, SATO presents the right solution for the right application to customers
around the world,” said Gary Krause, Marketing Director of SATO America. “Our dedication as a
worldwide leader in marking solutions for 50 years is an amazing feat by any standard. SATO is and
will continue to be a trusted and respected name in the industries we serve.”

Posted on May 21, 2013

Source: SATO Corp.