Leading Wall Decor Firm Advances To Visual 2000 Integrated PLM/ERP

MONTREAL — April 8, 2013 — Visual 2000 International Inc. (http://www.visual-2000.com) announces
that wall décor leader Ren-Wil Inc. is implementing the integrated Visual PLM.net® Product
Lifecycle Management and Visual ERP.net™ Enterprise Resource Management solutions at its LaSalle,
Quebec headquarters. One of the largest manufacturers and importers of framed pictures, mirrors,
and lamps in North America, the company designs medium to high-end artwork that is sold through
major furniture, gift, bath, glass and lighting stores across Canada and the United States. Ren-Wil
expects the integrated PLM/ERP solution to streamline business processes and increase efficiency
throughout its operations.

“From its inception in 1967, Ren-Wil applied a successful controlled growth strategy that
allowed us to expand and innovate without compromising quality or customer service,” explained
Ren-Wil Chief Financial Officer Albert Sayegh.  “Although our growth has been strong, we
eventually realized that our ability to remain on track would be centered on integrating
systems.  We established a comprehensive plan that would catapult our systems to the forefront
of technology.  Using advanced Business Intelligence (BI) and state-of-the-art supply chain
solutions, we are able to successfully drive our business to the next level.  Today, we’re
continuously improving productivity and efficiency in the import and distribution of home décor
products thanks to Visual 2000 International ERP and PLM systems.”

Visual PLM.net will help Ren-Wil streamline and manage its design, product development,
sourcing, and other pre-production processes. Visual ERP.net will manage the order to cash
processes, improve supply chain collaboration and execution, and improve accuracy and efficiency of
warehousing and distribution activities.

Visual 2000 Canada Sales Director Alain Perez added, “We are pleased to be working with
Ren-Wil. Like many other growing companies, they have come to recognize how fully integrated
systems can eliminate the gaps in process visibility and functional capabilities that are common
with independent or loosely connected business systems. We look forward to helping them to achieve
their current and future business goals.”

Posted on April 16, 2013

Source: Visual 2000 International Inc.