Linz Textil Installs Second Autocoro 8

Oerlikon Schlafhorst, Germany, reports that Linz Textil Holding GmbH, Austria — a manufacturer of
yarns and fabrics for apparel and technical textiles applications — has installed an Autocoro 8
rotor-spinning machine at its mill in Landeck, Austria. The mill produces open-end cotton yarns.
The machine is the second Autocoro 8 that Linz Textil has purchased.

Christian Ascher, Landeck plant manager, reports increased productivity and energy savings of
more than 20 percent at the plant since installation of the Autocoro 8. He also notes the machine
offers improved yarn quality and more flexible production.

“Thanks to the PilotUnit on the Autocoro 8, we can produce yarn and develop new yarns at the
same time,” Ascher said. “Compared with the older machine technology, the Autocoro 8 is a
logistical marvel. We can now coordinate our lot sizes precisely to our clients’ requests.”

January/February 2013