Tradegood Sourcing Tool Unveiled

Tradegood, a business-to-business sourcing community created to connect apparel and footwear buyers
with suppliers across more than 100 countries, debuted recently at Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas.

The tool, which employs the “business done right” verification process, rates suppliers
based on more than 50 criteria — including operational history, employee count, regulatory
compliance and environmental sustainability — to help buyers make efficient partnership decisions.

“The global supply chain is an area of vulnerability for many businesses,” said William
Quilindo, president, Tradegood. “The only way to ensure that your suppliers align with your
corporate values as well as with social, environmental, security, safety and quality standards is
to know that you are dealing with real companies, real people, with real products and services.”

Tradegood also introduced Trade Café, a physical area where buyers and suppliers may
convene. Other Trade Café locations will open in New York City and various locations in China, and
will include video conference facilities.

September/October 2012