War Against Copycats At ITMA ASIA

PARIS — June 2012 — The French Textile Machinery Manufacturers invited the press at the end of ITMA
ASIA + CITME in Shanghai this June 2012. The informal and friendly meeting made possible direct
contacts between the textile journalists and the machinery manufacturers, their Association’s
President, Bruno AMELINE and Secretary General, Evelyne CHOLET.

– Business was good at ITMA ASIA.

“Our customers are finalising many projects and, as our orders backlog is already good,
delivery time is increasing for all the machinery producers. Customers from China of course but
also from India,Pakistan, Thailand and Iran visited our booths, they were particularly interested
by our new technologies and our service approach” reports Evelyne CHOLET.

Some manufacturers were particularly enthusiastic about future business in India, where the
textile industry needs an urgent modernization even though the implementation of the Technology
Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) put in place by the Indian government is going through some delays.
Also some delays are noticed in Middle Eastern countries due to the political turmoils which took

“But what is important analyzes Bruno AMELINE is that our customers have a real willingness
to invest for the future of their own companies. They are aiming at new markets, new products, and
resource efficient production processes which bring raw materials and energy savings, and they know
they can rely on us to be their technology partners in many sectors”.

– But the main topic at the press meeting was the war against copycats.

“It is a global war, said Bruno AMELINE. We fight and will continue to fight all
over the world because our strategy is based on Research and Development, on technology
breakthroughs and on protecting our patents, brands or any other intellectual rights.”

Fortunately this fight against copycats which is part of the international trade agreements
is given more and more support by the governments and the judicial systems.

In China, for example, some very positive judgments have given our members significant
damages for infringement by unfair competitors and some of these have even been sentenced to jail.

Such organizations as ITMA ASIA+ CITME are also helping the creative machinery manufacturers
against unfair competition and machines were covered during the fair because they were found to
infringe on other exhibitors’ patents.

Posted on July 10, 2012

Source: UCMTF