Italian Textile Machinery Industry Called To Test For Sustainability

MILAN — July 2012 — The last edition of ITMA ASIA + CITME provided positive indications for Italian
exhibitors, in spite of the current uncertain economic outlook. The Italian green label
certification initiative was greeted with special appreciation.

“The third edition of ITMA Asia + CITME, which came to a close on June 16 in Shanghai
confirmed our expectations,” states Sandro Salmoiraghi, president of ACIMIT (Association of Italian
Textile Machinery Manufacturers). “The leading markets for our manufacturers were largely stalled
over this first part of the year, and a general mood of economic uncertainty could be perceived
even during the trade fair in Shanghai. Investments in new technologies are proceeding very slowly
in all markets.”

However, the current economic situation did not prevent Italian businesses from playing an
essential role at ITMA Asia + CITME 2012, with a total of 115 exhibitors representing Italy. In
terms of occupied surface area, Italy came in third overall (7%), covering a net total of 4700
square meters, behind the Chinese exhibitors (60% net surface area) and Germans (9%).

In particular, both Chinese and foreign visitors appreciated the commitment of the Italian
textile machinery industry on the issue of sustainability. To this end, at the usual ACIMIT press
conference held during the event, the Association presented the ACIMIT green label certification.
As Salmoiraghi explains, “The self-certification process for energy and environmental performances
for each piece of machinery was provided by RINA, an international certification body, which,
together with ACIMIT, defined and validated the specifications for the issuing of green labels, and
is also responsible for monitoring their correct application, thereby guaranteeing the accuracy of
the specified performance indications.”

Every year, a sampling of 20% of the companies taking part in the initiative must undergo an
inspection conducted by RINA (, which monitors the procedures applied for the
measurement of parameters, as well as the operating conditions of the machines affected by the
labelling process. The certification body then issues a specific certificate of conformity for all
machinery that passes these controls. The RINA control sample for green labels released provides a
guarantee for all green labels produced in accordance with ACIMIT specifications.

For the 2012 sample control certification process, the following RINA-checked ACIMIT members
companies were present at the press conference in Shanghai: Flainox, Itema, Jaeggli, Reggiani,
Santoni, Tonello.

“We believe that the certification of our label is an innovative element which ACIMIT has
brought to the debate on sustainability for productions processes,” concludes Salmoiraghi. “Our
proposal stands out for its concreteness, and in the future we’d like to see other European textile
machinery associations join us in this project.”

Posted on July 10, 2012

Source: ACIMIT