Thwing-Albert Instrument Company Celebrates The 90 Year Anniversary Of The Elmendorf Tear Tester

WEST BERLIN, N.J. — June 24, 2011 — Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is celebrating a milestone for
one of its original designs, The Elmendorf ProTear Tester. This machine that was originally
designed and manufactured by Thwing-Albert in 1921 and the Thwing-Albert Elmendorf Tear Tester is
recognized as the worldwide standard.

The ProTear Tester offers several capacity configurations ranging from 200 to 25,600 grams,
and capacities are changed quickly and easily with augmenting weights. This configuration
eliminates the necessity of multiple pendulums and simplifies the testing of different material.
Based on the classic design, the ProTear tester combines proven reliability with advanced
electronics to provide complete control over your tests and deliver an unparalleled range and
quality of data. Thwing-Albert is the original manufacturer of the Elmendorf. We are proud to note
that many of these vintage machines are still being used to provide accurate testing results in the
field today!

The Elmendorf Test, named after Armin Elmendorf who is the mechanical engineer that invented
the instrument, was originally created to test the tearing strength of paper. Over time, this test
has evolved to include many additional testing standards to quickly and accurately measure the tear
resistance of sheet materials including paper, textiles, roofing products, film, foils, and more.

The Spencer Impact Attachment allows the Elmendorf ProTear to test impact resistance of
plastic films and packaging materials. This attachment expands the broad use of this industry wide
standard for testing.

This instrument is available for use in many industry testing standards. Thwing-Albert
manufactures three models: Electronic, Mechanical, and Heavy Duty. Visit to learn more about the Elmendorf
ProTear Tester.

Posted on June 28, 2011

Source: Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.