Trützschler Renames Its India Subsidiary

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, has renamed its India-based subsidiary from Trumac
Engineering Co. Pvt. to Truetzschler India Pvt. Ltd. The company is involved in Trützschler’s
spinning and card clothing segments, and will begin to support its nonwovens division in India.

Trützschler and A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. established Trumac as a joint venture in 1979.
The business began manufacturing blow room machines, and over the years, it added cards and draw
frames to its production line. In more recent years, Trumac has transitioned into making and
marketing Trützschler branded machinery in India. The company has expanded and updated its
manufacturing facilities to support the changes to its product line, and Trützschler decided the
name change would highlight “the transformation from production facility to fully integrated
producer and service provider.”

July/August 2010