Atlas Copco’s ZR Compressor Series First To Be TÜV Certified

The Oil-free Air division of Atlas Copco – a Sweden-based provider of industrial productivity
solutions – reports its ZR series of water-cooled oil-free air compressors with built-in energy
recovery systems is the first globally to be certified by the German Monitoring Association (TÜV)
to have net zero energy consumption under specific design conditions.

TÜV-supervised type testing of Atlas Copco’s ZR 55-750 screw compressors included real-time
measurement of the electrical power input and the output power as hot water. After comparing the
two measurements, TÜV found that at a temperature of 40ºC and relative humidity of 70 percent, 100
percent of the electric power input could be recovered in the form of hot water at a temperature of
up to 90°C.

Hot water typically is generated using electricity- or fuel-consuming industrial boilers at a
temperature of up to 90ºC. Using hot water from the compressor can significantly reduce or
eliminate fuel consumption. The recovered water can be used in space heating, showers, and other
such applications. According to Atlas Copco, industries that require hot water and steam for their
manufacturing processes – such as the dyeing and stabilization of man-made fibers in the textile
industry – benefit the most from hot water recovery.

“Today our customers face stringent targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” said Paul
Humphreys, vice president communications and branding, Atlas Copco Compressors LLC. “Our newly
certified Carbon Zero compressors offer our customers a double-win with enormous environmental
benefits along with increased profitability.”

July 7, 2009