Mansco Delivers 200th TOV Sensor In China

Ivyland, Pa.-based Mansco Products Inc. has shipped its 200th Torsional Oscillatory Viscometer
(TOV) system for the Chinese market. The TOV is used for continuous measurement of the viscosity of
polymer resin, fiber and filament processes. Viscosity uniformity affects the quality and
downstream performance of a product, and the TOV’s design – based on a torsional measurement
principle – enables the sensor to perform sensitively and reliably in a polymer installation.

The TOV initially was sold exclusively to DuPont and DuPont Engineered plants, but it 1999,
Mansco signed a new agreement enabling it to sell the sensor to the general world market. The
company now offers the TOV in China’s polymer market through direct sales and a number of original
equipment manufacturing companies. Mansco reports it recently received several large orders for
large projects in China, and the company also has installed TOVs in several recent projects in

June 9, 2009