Crealet Marks 25 Years For Electronic Control System

Crealet AG, a Switzerland-based developer and manufacturer of warp yarn feeding systems and
fabric take-up motions for weaving machines, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the
introduction of its KAST 483 electronic warp control system, the first such system to be offered in
the marketplace.

The company reports it received the first patent for a warp let-off control system and
subsequently received additional patents for further developments of the technology. Over the
years, it has developed new control systems for most warp let-off applications including both
narrow and wide weaving machines.

“We are problem solvers and consultants with the aim of finding economic, technical and
functional solutions in the field of warp let-off for every customer, and this quite especially
where high quality and economic requirements are reported,” Crealet stated in an announcement of
the anniversary.

March/April 2008