Transfertex Opens New Office

Germany-based transfer paper printing supplier Transfertex GmbH & Co.
Thermodruck KG has opened a new office in Lille, France. Transfertex France will serve as sales
headquarters for France and Belgium, offering one of the largest openline design collections in the
world at its showroom. Transfertex has appointed Daniel Mazurkiewicz sales representative for
Transfertex France.

In addition, Transfertex France will serve as the home office for Transfertex’s new
Fashion Creative Team including Justine Cox, Irina Velkova and Ines Travers. The team will
collaborate with the office in Germany on the creation of fashion collections, development of
customer engravings and recoloration of designs.

“We are very confident that the result will be even better service for our customers
and the highest quality fashion collection that Transfertex has ever offered,” said Daniel Page,
director, sales and marketing, Transfertex.

November/December 2007